Packaging machine for Rice, Atta, Kurkure and Vacuum


Rice packing machine

We deals in rice packing machine which can pack in various sizes and weights varying from 1 kg to 20kg by using the controller mounted on an elegant panel can be easily programmed for coarse and fine feeding values and the target weight.Our rice packaging machines are built with innovative technology are used by both small and big rice traders.These machines are designed to fill granular products, particularly those of food-variety such as rice in open-mouth bags that need closing after filling.Our approach towards timely delivery and high quality machinery makes us shine in the crowd full of packaging machines manufacturers.


Atta packing machine

Atta packing machine built by the team of our qualified and experienced staff is high in performance and low in maintainence.The machines we offer are used for packing flour, starch, spices, other essential commodities & industrial chemicals in any heat seal able laminated poly pouches.The packaging ensures quality and safety of a product. Further, helps maintaining the hygiene of these food products. Along with the quality machinery we also focuses on timely delivery , after sales service and competitive price.


Kurkure packing machine

Kurkure packing machine built by the anubhav udyog passes all the international quality standards.Here in Anubhav Udyog we bring in use of innovative technology and high quality material which includes corrosion resistance ,low maintainence and touch screen interface.Kurkure packing machine can pack in various amounts and sizes according to the clients requirements.These kurkure packing machine take care of hygiene and safety of product while packing them.Kurkure packing machines are very easy to install and fulfill the needs of both small and big FMCG Industries.Our existing clients also appreciates our devotion towards our work as we only deals in quality machinery and timely delivery in competitive prices.

Vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum packaging machine built by anubhavudyog is a very cost effective for preserving perishable food products.The vacuum packing machines fits meat-, food,- or non-food industry.Very low packing material costs, short process times and a relatively low investment for long-lasting equipment makes vacuum packing by far the most economical and most efficient way of packaging perishable food products. We build these vacuum packing machines with utmost care of high quality,high performance,high durability and low maintenance,timely delivery in competitive prices.