Fully Numetic Machine with Multiheadweigher

Model No : BB1112

Pouch Size (Width) (Min-Max) mm 50- 225
Pouch Size (Length) (Min.-Max.) mm 50-450
Quantity to fill (max) 50g to 1 kg Granules
Speed (max) as per Product
Power Consumption 5 KW
Machine Dimension (WxDxH) mm (appx.) 3mx3mx4m
Film Laminated Film
Pouch Style Choice Center Seal, Three-Four Side Seal.

our multihead machine with bagger is a kind of packaging machine which is built to fullfill the need of saving time and money by reducing the number of labours used for weighing the products seperately.Our packaging machines are built using innovative technology increases the efficiency and durability of multihead machine with bagger.Its features includes the easy loading of laminated film,no wastage of bags,password protection,touch interface and self diagnostices.It can pack 50gm to 1 kg of granules in which speed can be adjusted according to the product.Multihead machine with bagger has a power consumption of 5KW and has a dimension of 3mX3mx4m.