Manual Servo Augur Filler Machine

Pouch Style Ready Made Pouch
Quantity to fill 5 kg to 10 kg
Speed 12 Pouch /Minute
Power Consumption 1.5 KW
Machine Dimension 650mmx750mmx3000mm
Body Covering Stainless Steel

Manual Servo Augur Filler Machine is a kind of a manual packaging machine which make use readymade pouches varying from 5kg to 10kg of weight with the speed of twelve packets per minute. These machine delivery packages with high quality of packing which reduces the risk of leakage and wastage of products. These machines are built by our experience and dedicated staff using innovative technology which reduces the work load of manual packing of products by the labor which often hamper the hygiene of food products while packing. We provide this Manual Servo Augur Filler Machine in a competitive price with taking care of all the quality standards.