Fully Neumatic Collar Type Machine with Cup Filler

Model No: BB1111

Pouch Size (Width) (Min-Max) mm 50- 225
Pouch Size (Length) (Min.-Max.) mm 50-450
Quantity to fill (max) 50g to 1 kg Granules
Speed (max) as per Product
Power Consumption 3 KW
Machine Dimension (WxDxH) mm (appx.) 1mx1mx2.5m
Film Laminated Film
Pouch Style Choice Centre Seal, Three-Four Side Seal.

We are the manufacturer of Fully Numetic Machine with Multihead weigher which automatically packs the pouch with the given quantity of product and then seperates them from the unpacked ones.These Fully Numetic Machine with Multihead weigher can be used in all types of small or big scale industries because it save lots of time and labour used to weigh the packet of products.Our Fully Numetic Machine with Multihead weigher are made of high quality corrosion resistant material which ultimately enhances the performance of our machines by making them highly efficient and increases the lifespan of our machines.It consumes 3 Kw of power and uses laminated film for cenre seal or three four side seal.