Packaging machine for Chips, Biscuit and Spices


Chips Packing Machine

Built with innovative technology and high quality material our chips packing machine fullfill all the needs of our clients varying from high performance ,durability and after sales services .We fulfill all the international quality standard while making our chips packaging machines which includes corrosion resistance ,low maintainence and touch screen interface.

Our chips packaging machines consisted of rotary head extruders built with high quality material and all the required equipments.Chips packing machines are very easy to install and fulfill the needs of both small and big FMCG Industries.We focuses on building relationships with our clients by giving them timely delivery and quality services.


Biscuit packing machine

Our biscuit packaging machines are available in various models to fullfill various needs depending upon size and weight of biscuits.We manufacture all kinds of snacks and biscuits packing machines with keeping good care of international quality standards by using high quality material and innovative technology.We quote competitive prices for various models of our packaging machines like automatic sealing machines, sachet packing machines etc.

We deal in all kinds of manual and automatic packaging machines which can fit into your pocket including biscuit packaging machine.


Spices packing machine

We are building spices packaging machine which can pack all kind of spices red chilli powder,black pepper,garam masala,haldi powder etc. Our spices packing machines can pack spices in various weights ranging from 10gm to 1 kg and 60-70 packets per minute.Our highly qualified team of expert with industry experience of more than 20 years in the making of packagaing machines of all kind like auger fillers, auger filling machine, automatic form fill seal machinery, pouch packing machines, automatic sealing machines, sachet packing machines and they are devoted towards timely delivery and industry-competitive price range.